Out of the box

Et vous, dans quel arbre voudriez-vous vous réveiller ?


The cabin is the castle of those still in contact with their inner child!

Who among us has not dreamed of building a hut in a remote corner of civilisation? A place where we can find ourselves, relax, and be in harmony with Mother Nature and all of her sensory pleasures.


All you need is a tree in a garden or park to create a universe for yourself that is in perfect harmony with Nature who welcomes you with open arms.


Not sure: Only one constraint, however: Respect your plant hosts who were there before you … and probably will long after!

Perched on a tree,
Tristan Leppens – Carpenter

After his carpentry apprenticeship in Switzerland and a training period of ropist, Tristan Leppens moved to more creative work in developing personal and unusual projects. He works in the heart of nature, more specifically in trees, installing constructions and suspending furniture that invite you to dream.


My cabin – 2010

His first tree house was built on stilts in an old apple tree beside a stream in Haute-Savoie. It is 14 square meters, fully insulated, equipped with a wood stove, and has an outhouse on the balcony. From the lower terrace, a spiral staircase gives access to the upper level.

Suspended furniture

Shelters that let you be surrounded by nature and allow you access to all of her sensations. Sleep in a tree, dream, relax, be lulled by the songs of the birds or the wind in the trees, observe insects, lose yourself in the vastness of the sky.

My approach is to give people a little dream, to allow them to escape for a moment, immersed in a bubble.

Suspended seat – 2013
Seat prototype made of 18mm plywood, connected with threaded rods, suspended by cables.

Cocoon – 2014
Production and installation for the contest “hut landscape.” St Jean d’Estissac. Dordogne-FR

One day walking in the forest with wide-open eyes like a child’s gaze, we saw a very special spider web.  It was woven between four leaves and had a cocoon-like shape, which created a protected space.  To us it looked like a refuge and it gave us the idea of a nest that no predator could reach.  Our challenge was to expand this microcosm to a human scale.  Instead of leaves we used tree trunks and for the threads of the web – steel cables, fabric, wood and nets.

To bring people into a friendly, non-threatening environment, we worked with simple materials and simple volumes composed of lines and spheres. We respected Nature’s harmonious proportions.

Our cocoon is an oblong timber construction covered with waterproof cloth. The curves give us the protected feeling of a mother’s womb. Suspended from a height of four meters, its steel cables are connected to the trees that surround it.

The bottom is a circular glass window under a “canvas stretched-bed” that can accommodate two people. You can doze off while observing nature around you and the trees from the centre up into the branches.  You are like a flying insect.  The 15-meter safety net connects our cocoon to the ground. Stretched out, it is the means to access the cocoon.

Perched bed – 2014
Nest perched in an oak tree above a river – an observatory, a den, that lets you immerse yourself totally in nature.

Nuptial bed – 2015
This lotus-shaped bed made of laminated panels was made for a wedding night.
The midrib of the leaf is a staircase, leading to a circular plate which is part of the bed and which is 2.20 meters in diameter. It is covered by a removable transparent half-sphere that offers a panoramic view of the sky.

Art Projects

Manufacturing, construction and installation in collaboration with artists in France and Switzerland.

Wolf – 2012
Theatre de la Toupine, “The fabulous village” Evian-FR.
Design and production Lucie Delperie.
wood sculpture float measuring in meters 4 long x 3 wide x 5 high.


Adventure course
Sculpture of a lizard into which children can run in and then come out via the slide in its mouth. PALP Festival 2012 and 2013 Martigny (CH).

“Nest home” – 2014
Mégane Millet-Lacombe, winner of the competition “hut landscape.” St-Jean d’Estissac, Dordogne. Construction and installation: Tristan Leppens


Gateway – 2013
Work by Mireille Fulpius and Catherine Louineau. Commissioned by the Lower Normandy region at the Lycée Albert Sorel in Honfleur. Construction and installation with Lucie DELPERIE. 40 m long x 4 m wide.

Scansions – 2013
Mireille Fulpius collaborated with Sylvie Bourcy to create this work. In the park in the field in Vizille, Isère.  Epicéa – 566 boards each 12 x 2 cm.
Overall dimensions: 100 x 14 x 6 meters.

Paradigme – 2015
Mireille Fulpius and Sylvie Bourcy’s creation from pine cleats.
Château de Vullierens, Switzerland.
40 meters long x 10 meters wide x 10 meters high.
7.5 km of pine battens and 5,000 screws.