Exhibition stand

Customized stands, custom-made

Exhibition stand

Stand By Me is a specialist in designing and building bespoke exhibition stands.  We want to be sure that we perfectly fulfil our mission in each and every step of the project, always on track with our clients’ needs:

  • Consistency with the company’s profile
  • Cohesion with the personality of the Brand
  • Respect and enhancement of its image
  • Differentiation while remaining in harmony with the concept of the exhibition.
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Stand By Me handles all logistics from transportation to loading and unloading all parts of the stand including your products and machinery, to repacking and reloading at the end of the show anywhere in the world!

Our services also cover storing your equipment in secure warehouses.


Stand By Me Worldwide.



Each client has specific needs, and we strive to give you the solutions that are personalised, innovative and most suitable to your needs.

We work with a wide variety of materials such as metal profiles, glass, Plexiglas, PVC, wood, textiles. We entrust the manufacture of your stand and your furniture to companies specialising in both wood and aluminium carpentry, decoration, metalwork and electricity. We ensure the full management of the project.

Setting Up

Stand By Me’s responsibility:

  • Setting up and dismantling the stands
  • Installing all the audio-visual materials
  • Meeting deadlines

Examples of achievements

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